RockStory 1.3

A rock moving and fruit finding game for players of any age
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Rock Story is a game with a very good flow of play and a high number of levels to achieve. While demo version only supports up to 10 levels, the full product offers you as many as 50! For every level, there is a fruit to collect, which is hidden in a different place at each level. Together with this fruit, in some levels you will also need to find an extra pear or banana, which is hidden under various blocks. At each level, you will also need to look for a number of jewels and artifacts that will help you raise the score and get to the next level.

As you progress, the speed and the difficulty of the game increase. To make things a bit harder, there is one or more monsters at each level that you will need to kill to get to the next level. To succeed, you should keep away from the monsters and make sure that you hit all the blocks and find all the hidden fruits. Finally, note that there is fire that might kill you.

The developer of this game also offers an extensive forum for the fans where they can share their opinion about the game, as well as to collect ideas from all other users on how to crack it.

mike sheth
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  • Easy to learn
  • Rich user interface


  • Demo version does not include some of the features
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